Bishop Priester

/ Progressive church of our Lord

Countywide just completed redoing our church parking lot, which was a large job. We have no complaints about the workmanship, the workers or management. work was professionally done, and we were informed every step of the way. It was only near the end of the job that I came to know that the person I was talking to everyday, and who was talking to me was the owner. Countywide found the problems we were having , that the last paver ignored and paved over them. The problems we had was discovered by countywide, pointed out to us, gave us the solution and provided the solution for us. We have nothing but praise for this company and it’s owner. They even restriped the lot, and gave us more parking spaces.

Herb R.

/ The Village of Saint Andrews

CountyWide Commercial just completed a major asphalt restoration project for our residential community. Our residents and our HOA Board of Directors are VERY pleased with the work or CCI. They were highly professional from their initial assessment and scope for the work to be done; their quote process providing detailed specifications of the work to be completed and the associated costs and their team who did the work was great. We can highly recommend CountyWide Commercial for asphalt work.